We’re building a conscious Transformation Business with a grand plan to help as many people as possible transition from disconnection to connection to our one true self on a local and global scale. It’s going to be nothing short of exciting, challenging, and life-changing work, for everyone involved.

Emerging and existing Transformerpreneurs need your help, now.
Heal the world. Join the team committed to transforming the business of transformation.

We help Transformerpreneurs realise their vision to create an intentional, empowering, liberating, profitable, and financially rewarding Lifestyle Transformation Business that serves them just as well if not better than it does their clients.

In teaching Transformerpreneurs how to Unlock, Harness, and Master their Time, Money, Creativity, and Purpose they learn, develop, practice and hone their Holistic Business Craft. With it they are empowered to imagine, start, build, grow, and heal their Lifestyle Transformation Businesses from the inside out.

Our awakened, and awakening audience includes Transformerpreneurs intending to, or already offering any of the following non-exhaustive transformation modalities to their clients, customers, and community.

Ecstatic Dance

Past Life Regression

Shamanic Ceremony

Our guiding principles.

Transformerpreneurs guide clients in person, or indirectly with their art, craft, or teaching, to look inwards. Through this inner work, an insight, sufficient to facilitate a change of perspective, reveals a truth in the moment that triggers a desirable change in attitude, outlook, and behaviour.

Transformerpreneurs encourage their clients to look to the past, present, and future to determine patterns of thought and feeling that may be limiting their enjoyment of life or sabotaging their impact in the world.

Our mission is to ensure these Transformerpreneurs have the training, tools, and support they need to undertake a similar process with their Lifestyle Transformation Business as it changes, adapts, and evolves.

Transformation Business Inner Work.

We’re driven to empower Transformerpreneurs to heal their Transformation Business before they start it, while they’re building it, and when they’re ready to grow it. This Business Inner Work, which takes many forms, is essential if they are to succeed in their selfless mission to transform as many lives as possible.

We’re busy developing books, training, and software to form the foundation for a core suite of Coaching, Consulting, Courses, and Community products and services designed specifically for Transformerpreneurs.

You’re invited to step up and play your part in our Transformerpreneurial Journey and use your skill, experience, and passion to help lift the rising tide of awareness with us so that the approaching global consciousness shift reaches its tipping point sooner rather than later, before it’s too late.

Let’s start working together, today, so the planet and her inhabitants can be saved and our way of life evolved, for the sake of our tomorrow.

Become a Transformerpreneur.com Founding Member.

Transformerpreneur.com is an early stage pre-funding, pre-revenue, pre-office startup business.

We’re starting and building a conscious Transformation Business with a grand plan to help as many people as possible transition from disconnection to connection to our one true self on a local and global scale. It’s going to be nothing short of exciting, challenging, and life-changing work, for everyone involved.

Our Real Work will always be to fully understand what’s needed as well as what’s wanted, for the individual as well as the whole, Transformerpreneur by Transformerpreneur. Ongoing contextual research, testing, and refinement will ensure our products, services, support, community, and clients are always laser-focussed on facilitating conscious, lasting change when and where it’s needed most in their own lives and in the world.

Building an organisation with this degree and scope of purpose is no mean feat. There’s a lot of interrelated moving parts. The skills required are many. Most will be learned on the job in real-time. The only real qualification required to join the team is life experience; your willingness to share a little and your eagerness to gain a whole lot more.

Above all else an unerring urge to give of your self, to truly connect with, contribute to, and experience something much bigger than yourself are essential for this scale of spiritual endeavour to make a meaningful impact in the world and succeed in its mission.

We’re looking for open-hearted, professionally minded, introvert, ambivert, and extrovert founding members. We want to connect and work with inspiring individuals who are ready, willing, and able to value exchange their time, skills and experience to help build the Transformerpreneur.com platform from the ground up.

In exchange for your generous contribution you’ll receive the following direct and indirect value benefits.

Founding Member Benefits.

While you’re an active and contributing member you’ll receive:

Your Easy Money Management Session with Transformerpreneur.com founder Richard Conner.
Ongoing business coaching and mentoring with Transformerpreneur.com founder Richard Conner.
Digital copies of all books and access to all online courses published.
Free subscriptions to all software tools and web applications developed.
Complimentary tickets to all Transformerpreneur.com retreats, workshops, conferences and events.

In addition you’ll:

Learn, expand and enhance your own skills, experience, and holistic business craft.
Experience directly what’s involved in starting and building a conscious transformation business.
Play an integral part in an exciting, fun, life-driven-purpose organisation.
Be offered paid project or salaried career opportunities when we are funded or income generating.
Have the opportunity to content-author-promote your personal or business brand.
Gain followers, likes, shares, ratings, reviews and recommendations from other founder members.
Expand your real-world lifetime conscious Lifestyle Transformation Business Community.
Be invited to join our product research and development team.
Work from wherever you want as little or as much as you like.
Create closely with Transformerpreneur.com founder Richard Conner.

Richard has 25 years experience starting, building, managing, growing, turning around, and exiting a Design Week Top 100 international group of Transformation Businesses generating annual sales of over $5M. He has acted as CEO, Managing, Creative, Marketing, Operations and Finance Director to his team of over 100 people working from studios in London, Manchester, Sofia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Bangkok.

Now he works closely with Transformerpreneurs to help minimise their risk of failure and increase their likelihood of short and long term success. His aim is to help create a sustainable, profitable, and predictable transformation business life platform that allows its owner manager to focus fully on what they do best; being creative, telling their story, delivering their message, honing their craft and helping heroes, including themselves, realise their vision.

Founding Member Roles.

We need interns, runners, assistants, managers, directors, creators, and producers to design, build, maintain, publish, promote, and expand the Transformerpreneur.com platform.

Do you have any of these skills and are you itching to use them doing something more meaningful?

Content Creation

Graphic Design
Product Development
Project Management
Process Management
Public Relations

Social Media
Software Development
System Development
Web Development

Are you ready to share your talent and help today’s and tomorrow’s Transformerpreneurs heal the world?

If you have the desire and availability we’d love you to adopt a Founding Member Role or business area and make it your own. Work with Richard to devise a strategic and tactical plan that aligns with the overarching Transformerpreneur.com vision and lead its implementation.

Founding Member Responsibilities.

If your resources are limited, you could help immeasurably by doing any or all of the following:

Follow, like, share, comment, and engage with our social media channels and groups.
Write and video testimonials, rate, review, recommend Transformerpreneur.com products and services.
Provide suggestions, quotes and expert advice for blog posts and articles.
Propose, research, contribute to, or write problem-solution blog posts and articles.
Invite Transformerpreneurs to follow our social media channels and join our facebook support group.
Support fellow Founding Members; follow, like, share, comment, rate, review, recommend their content.
Team up with other Founding Members and help them where you can to implement their plan.
Recruit like-minded friends and colleagues who you think will be up to the Founding Member challenge.
Keep letting the Founding Member team know what else needs doing that you can lead or help with.

Let us know how you’d like to help.

Complete the form below letting us know a little about yourself, where you’ve come from and where you’d like to go. Which roles, if any, would you like to take on? How would you help Transformerpreneur.com deliver its mission and most importantly why?

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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