A brilliant manifesto from Richard Conner on how to step from a stressed, negative hamster wheel of frustrating unfulfilled repetition into a new paradigm of creativity and flow. So many authors in this field promise a quick fix shot of positive thinking or ‘just add water’ instant recipe for happiness. Conner’s own experiences have taught him that our limiting patterns are deeply ingrained and require some serious focus and planning to unlock ourselves from them. I’ve taken on board a lot of points from the book including his concept of creating a ‘work vacuum’ on ‘skill’ and ‘step’ work as practical ways of ‘breaking busy’ and connecting with the true creative self. A great debut from a thinker with big potential.

'A great debut from a thinker with big potential'

Absolute gold. A thoroughly enjoyable read that clarifies how we spend our work time and what each activity brings us. How to spot, evolve and harness our passions for fulfilling life to its full potential, and how to relegate non-essential activities which are holding us back this potential. Richard’s writing hits the spot and has made sense of my unconscious bad habits which waste time and hold me back.

'Richard's writing hits the spot and has made sense of my unconscious bad habits which waste time and hold me back.'

Break Your Busy
Set Your Creativity Free

A Disruptively Simple Approach To Better Life and Time Management. Stop Procrastination and Be More Effective.

‘We feel an inexplicable urgency to do more. We continually strive to be ever more efficient regardless of how effective this never-ending work we incessantly keep doing actually is.’

We call for better life and time management techniques to help reduce stress and overcome overwhelm so that we can be yet more productive. Despite our best efforts these surface level solutions only provide temporary relief from the persistent undesirable symptoms of the High Definition Life context we are all creating and living.

They cannot address the deeper seated source of our mutual discord. They ignore the underlying cause of inner conflict that drives this incessant cycle of work for work’s sake. To solely use time management, motivation and anti-procrastination techniques to help you feel better, less stressed and more purposeful is like trying to keep the rain off with a sieve during a thunderstorm. You will get soaked wet through and your life will still be riddled with meaningless Busy Work.

When fully connected to your creativity there is no need for the sticking plaster of better time management. Your Real Work of the moment will be known to you. Resolving never-ending priority conflicts, being pulled from pillar to post, overworked and underpaid will quickly become things of the past.

With this book, you’ll be able to quickly identify what Busy Work is for you and start using simple strategies to eliminate it from your life. When the dust settles you will find yourself doing what you want instead of trying to force yourself to do the things you don’t. You will feel more purposeful, fulfilled and happier. More in tune with your neglected creativity you will be willing and able to take action to bring it to life in the world, either at home, in your relationships, at work or in your business.

Through The Seven Works, Richard Conner has put together a framework which I’m certain will relate to anyone who is in search of something different. As an architect living and working in the same city in which Richard has forged a formidable reputation through his previous works, it is great to understand that even those as driven and successful as he can yearn for the things we all do. This book finds me at a time in my life in which I will be taking on new challenges, in new places, and removing myself from the comfort zone I have developed in my life and work in London over the last ten years. The format and length of the book makes it incredibly readable, and leave you wanting more. I for one can’t wait for his forthcoming material to be released.

'Wonderfully written, very readable and inspiring.'

Richard manages to shed light on complex questions and ideas such as purpose in life, self-realization through meaningful work and, mindfulness applied in day to day life. He doesn’t provide one size fits all answers but invites the reader to ask the right questions and tune into their inner wisdom to come up with answers leading to their personal truth. In doing so, he offers extremely helpful tools that the reader can use to bring clarity to their thoughts.

The clear and concise definition of notions such as Real Work and Busy Work renders this process accessible, approachable, and translates the theoretical into practical. Finally, by sharing personal experiences, he makes each reader’s personal journey less lonely. And who doesn’t need to feel that they are not alone out there?

'A precious guide to the path of self-discovery.'

The Seven Works
Reconfigure The Facets of Life

Reduce Inner and Outer Conflict with a New Flexible Blueprint for The High Definition Life

‘We have lost our purpose. We are in conflict, caught between a healthy desire to give more and an insecure need to get more.’

Welcome to the High Definition Life, a fractured world of relentless consumption, excessive overwhelm, increasing busyness and a widespread lack of truth and integrity. In this disorientating Idyllic Illusion we constantly agonise over the value we are giving, or not giving and the elusive ‘just reward’ we crave for all the hard work we are putting in.

This conflict leads us to question our contribution to our partners, our families and the local and global community we are continually co-creating. We are lost whether to spend more time on our work life to make ends meet and be of value to the world or to focus more on our personal life so that we have something of value to come home to after working so hard.

If we are to improve how we engage with these changing facets of life and reduce internal and external conflict in the process it’s clear we must learn how to redefine and reconfigure them. Only in this way will we develop a new life blueprint and supporting set of practical tools to ensure that we can both start and continue working ‘on’ a connected life rather than getting stuck and lost ‘in’ the thick of a disconnected one.

The Seven Works is that blueprint and toolset rolled into one simple to understand and implement system that you can start using, in the bigger picture and the day to day, ‘on’ your life as well as ‘in’ it.

Master The Seven Works
Repurpose Your Life

The Holistically Simple Way To Create Conscious Change and Work Your Why

'In a world of excessive and increasing busyness, disorientation and lack of direction, truth and integrity few would deny that many among us are questioning our purpose in life. '

We agonise over the value we are giving, or not giving. We question our contribution to our partners, our families and the local and global community we have co-created. We are in conflict, caught between a healthy desire to give more and an insecure need to get more.

We are in urgent need of a new life blueprint and supporting set of tools. This enhanced modus operandi would allow us to permanently flip from a state of getting to one of giving, of ourselves to ourselves, others and the world at large in whatever form resonates most deeply with our innate creativity.

Master The Seven Works is the new comprehensive yet simple way to prioritise and balance all the works of your life. Discover and Work Your Why, reinforce your connection to your Creative Core and Create Conscious Change so you can fully embrace and live your Purpose and your Real Work.

Work Life Wide Open
Create Master Change

An Experiential, Anecdotal and Practical Guide to Finding Your Lost, Breaking Your Busy and Working Your Way back to your Creative Core, your Why, Purpose and your Real Work.

'Work Life Wide Open explores in detail, why making Significant Life Change is so imperative in the High Definition Life we are all living.'

By using never before seen simple yet extremely powerful transformational concepts and ideas the author delves deeply into the life change process fully explaining how to prepare for, handle and overcome it as it unfolds.

This timely and expansive work shows us that with knowledge, clarity and practice we can enjoy a more productive, meaningful, happier, fulfilling, connected and creative life that will benefit the rest of society now when it is most urgently needed.