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Conscious Creativity

In Part 1 - Conscious Change I talked about the concept of Breaking Your Busy and Significant Life Change. Here, in Conscious Creativity I cover off some of the catalysts and triggers that led me to realise and accept that I had no real choice but to make a seemingly abrupt significant change in the interest of reconnecting with my creativity. Neglect of my creative instinct was, I believed, at the heart of my dissatisfaction and despondency.

1 / 4 | Conscious Change | Change To Changed | This Year vs Last

Conscious Change

While reviewing and editing I noticed that each of the outcomes included in my review of This Year vs Last Year fell, without my thinking about it, as if by magic, into the conscious action categories for living and working a better life that I’d defined in my shiny nearly new Author Biography. I’d written and published my bio on my website and various other book retailers including Amazon over three months earlier and added these actions almost as an afterthought as I was rushing impatiently to get it live.