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Build a highly-successful, profitable, sustainable, fulfilling, and fun Transformation Business Enterprise that lets you live life on your terms the simple, easy, and connected way with, your way-guide, community, and support team rolled into one.

Transformerpreneurs love, honour, and protect the planet.
Transforming lives with their craft, art, and technology, they’re healing the world.

The fundamentals of personal money, business finance, and entrepreneurial management aren’t taught at school. At college, or university, nothing at all is learned of planning, starting, growing, managing, and leading a Transformation Business Enterprise, regardless of its type, size, or purpose.

Even if we take a professional or vocational degree we learn next to nothing of these business critical foundations. Few can afford the luxury of time and money to fill this educational gap by taking a full-blown Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA).

Yet, without this expensive, drawn-out, often irrelevant and overkill, for the type and scale of enterprise most Transformerpreneurs dream of creating, formal training, we’re left seriously lacking. When it comes to our knowledge, understanding and mastery of the essential building blocks of Transformation Business we’re often left flying blindly at a complete loss.

If you’re dreaming of, just starting up, or already running a Lifestyle, Not-For-Profit, or Commercial Transformation Business, learning and honing your Holistic Business Craft is as important, if not more critical, as spending time, money, and energy developing and refining your Transformation Craft, Art, or Technology.

Following your heart’s calling alone is never easy. We’re here to help you on your Transformerpreneur’s Journey. Together we’ll lay a solid foundation from which to build your Transformation Business while working side-by-side with you as you realise your vision.

With mentoring, coaching, training, workshops, done-for-you and done-with-you services, packages, apps, and events, we’ll support you through inception, planning, modelling, startup, fundraising, strategy, implementation, management, and the sustainable holistic growth of your Transformation Business Enterprise. It’s time to find your way and there’s no need to do it all on your own.

What kind of Transformerpreneur are you?
We support the full-spectrum of Transformation Business Enterprises.

We’ve grouped types of Transformerpreneur into six broad categories with examples.
Which type or combination best describes your Transformation Business?


Healing directly through yoga, bodywork, breathwork, TRE, meditation, dance, sound, etc. Indirectly with music, theatre, art, sculpture, film, photography, and writing.


Alternative schooling, adult learning centres, training, counselling, coaching, and mentoring to educate individuals and organisations on climate change reversal.


Mindfulness conferences, shows, galleries, exhibitions, installations, architecture, and interior design. Peaceful rallies, protests, marches, and associated logistics.


Sustainable natural clothing, shoes, and equipment designed to avoid and eliminate plastics, non-recyclables, waste, and abuse of labour, and employee rights.


Vegan wholesale and hand-made alternative replacement food, drink, and supplements. Planet-friendly production, natural packaging, and responsible retail.


Alternative and renewable energy sources, services, and equipment. Technology and software that saves the planet’s resources and safeguards our environment.

Transforming the Business of Transformation

Start, Build, Grow, and Heal Your Lifestyle Transformation Business

We help Transformerpreneurs transform lives while living and loving life on their terms.

Empowering Today’s Transformerpreneurs for a Better Tomorrow
There’s a meaningful mission out there with your name written all over it.

Start Grow Your Business Significant Life Change

In a fast-paced world Significant Life Change is uncomfortable, challenging, and inevitable. Individuals and businesses are forced to adapt quickly to advances in technology or risk being left further behind and forever playing catch-up.

This overwhelming ‘demand for more’ pressure of The High Definition Life leads to value compromise, unresolved conflict, chaos, disorder, and its accompanying anxiety and stress.

Abuse of power, corporate corruption, lack of integrity, disregard for the environment, and dangerously unhealthy lifestyles, continue to prevail at home, at work, and in business.

Start Grow Your Business Tranform Lives

People are expected to enjoy a happy and fulfilled life without the essential qualities of a strong and healthy mind-body-spirit foundation to support them through difficult situations.

The time is now for Transformerpreneurs to rise up and heal the problem at its source. Provide the missing foundation that is so critical to this generation and the next. Nurture lasting positive change by empowering real transformation in people’s lives.

Deploy your gifts, craft, art, technology, products, and services into a disjointed global community in desperate need to reconnect with each other and nature, and heal, grow, and evolve.

Embrace Ghandi’s timeless sentiment and ‘be the change you want to see in the world’.

Supercharge your Transformerpreneur Journey
Give yourself and your clients the power to succeed in life, work, and business.

Harness your Time, Money, Creativity, and Purpose with 2 FREE eBooks and Lifestyle Transformation Business ‘Finance Made Easy’ eCourse.


The Transformation Business Enterprise Orchestra Behind-The-Scenes
What goes on inside a successful Transformerpreneur’s life and business.

Feel great on the inside and keep looking good on the outside. Continually hone your Holistic Business Craft.

Start Grow Your Business Purpose Vision

Purpose + Vision

Why comes before What, which comes before How. Uncovering and renewing your purpose in life, work and business (often one in the same for Transformerpreneurs) is the key to unlocking your evolving vision and consistently making it your reality.

Start Grow Your Transformation Business Time + Energy.png


Time is finite, but it slows down when tempered with Clarity + Focus. Knowing what to do and when is key to making progress in the distracted and distracting High Definition Life world we are creating and simultaneously trying to heal.

Start Grow Your Business Management Review


Ongoing, objective assessment and appraisal of results is a fundamental business pre-requisite. Knowing how to read between the lines and where to focus or re-direct resources can be the difference between success and failure.

Start Grow Your Transformation Business Community + Collaboration.png


Community connection, collaboration, and subsequent innovation is at the heart of every successful Transformation Business. Awareness of and engagement with your team and your tribe’s underlying needs and desires is critical. No-body is an island.

Start Grow Your Business Growth Strategy


Strategy defines the positioning of the products and services (including you) that embody your Purpose + Vision. Sustainable Growth stems from continual education and Authentic Life Marketing, PR, and Sales of your transformative offering.

Start Grow Your Business Planning Finance


Numbers tell a backstory and forecast how cash flows over time. Both are critical to long term, sustainable, financial success. They inform what must happen by when. With them you plan and assess risk. Without them you're flying blind.

Start Grow Your Transformation Business Environment + Architecture.png


Architecting the day-to-day minutiae and bigger picture of your Transformation Business to meet the physical needs of the planet, the emotional needs of those you serve, and the energetic needs of both, demands an integrated holistic approach.

Start Grow Your Transformation Business Systems Support


Experienced, specialist, skilled support is the oil to the lead generation, onboarding, and delivery system engine that powers your Strategy + Growth. Together they present a seamless back and front-end experience for your team and clients alike.

Start Grow Your Business Training Coaching


Combination Coaching is an essential blend of practical, action-orientated, business, work, and life coaching. It solves your real-world problems through intuition, insight, Amplified Intention, Conscious Change, and Forced Feedback.

Get where you’re going, loving what you do and don’t do.
No more flying blind. Meet your Transformerpreneur Wing Team. was founded by award-winning Author, Architect, Artist, and Combination Coach Richard Conner.

Richard has 25 years experience starting, building, managing, growing and healing an award-winning international group of Transformation Businesses generating annual sales of over $5M.

He’s acted as CEO, Managing, Creative, Marketing, Operations and Finance Director to his 100+ person team working from studios in London, Manchester, Sofia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Bangkok.

Richard and his team help Transformerpreneurs, like you, increase their likelihood of success and minimise their risk of failure.

We look after the nuts and bolts of your Transformation Business Enterprise management, planning, growth, organisation, systems, software, marketing, finance, and profitability.

Our mission is to set you free to focus fully on what you love most and do best; being creative, telling your story, delivering your transformational message, honing your craft and, ultimately, helping heroes (including you) realise their vision.

Richard Conner Business Growth Success Coach Consultant

Make a lasting, meaningful change, today.
Work happily on your Transformation Business Enterprise not begrudgingly in it.

Harness your Time, Money, Creativity, and Purpose with 2 FREE eBooks and Lifestyle Transformation Business ‘Finance Made Easy’ eCourse.