Start, Build, Grow, and Heal Your Transformation Business

*Arts, crafts, design, author, music, wellness, healing, yoga, and spiritual business entrepreneurs busy transforming lives (including theirs!)

Empowering Today’s Transformerpreneurs* for a Better Tomorrow
There’s a new mission out there with your name written all over it.

*Arts, crafts, design, author, music, wellness, healing, yoga, and spiritual business entrepreneurs busy transforming lives (including theirs!)

Start Grow Your Business Significant Life Change

In a fast-paced world significant life change is uncomfortable, challenging, and inevitable. Individuals and businesses are forced to adapt quickly to advances in technology or risk being left further behind and forever playing catch-up.

This overwhelming ‘demand for more’ pressure of The High Definition Life leads to value compromise, unresolved conflict, chaos, disorder, and its accompanying anxiety and stress.

Abuse of power, corporate corruption, lack of integrity, disregard for the environment, and dangerously unhealthy lifestyles, continue to prevail at home, at work, and in business.

Start Grow Your Business Tranform Lives

People are expected to enjoy a happy and fulfilled life without the essential qualities of a strong and healthy mind-body-spirit foundation to support them through difficult situations.

The time is now for Transformerpreneurs to rise up and heal the problem at its source. Provide the missing foundation that is so critical to this generation and the next. Nurture lasting positive change by empowering real transformation in people’s lives.

Deploy your gifts, craft, and art into a disjointed global community in desperate need to heal and evolve. Embrace Ghandi’s timeless sentiment and “be the change you want to see in the world”.

Supercharge your Transformerpreneur* Life Business Journey
Give yourself and your clients the power to succeed in life, work, and business.

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The Orchestral Transformation Behind The Scenes
What’s really going on inside a successful Transformerpreneur’s* life and business?

To feel great on the inside and keep looking good on the outside Transformerpreneurs continually hone their business craft:

Start Grow Your Business Purpose Vision

Purpose + Vision

Why comes before What, which comes before How. Uncovering and renewing your purpose in life, work and business (often one in the same for Transformerpreneurs) is the key to unlocking your evolving vision and consistently making it your reality.

Start Grow Your Business Management Review


Ongoing, objective assessment and appraisal of results is a fundamental business pre-requisite. Knowing how to read between the lines and where to focus or re-direct resources can be the difference between success and failure.

Start Grow Your Business Growth Strategy


Strategy defines the positioning of the products and services (including you) that embody your Purpose + Vision. Sustainable Growth stems from continual education and Authentic Life Marketing, PR, and Sales of your transformative offering.

Start Grow Your Business Planning Finance


Numbers tell a backstory and forecast how cash flows over time. Both are critical to long term, sustainable, financial success. They inform what must happen by when. With them you plan and assess risk. Without them you're flying blind.

Start Grow Your Business Systems Support


Experienced, specialist, skilled support is the oil to the lead generation, onboarding, and delivery system engine that powers your Strategy + Growth. Together they present a seamless back and front-end experience for your team and clients alike.

Start Grow Your Business Training Coaching


Combination Coaching is an essential blend of practical, action-orientated, business, work, and life coaching. It solves your real-world problems through intuition, insight, Amplified Intention, Conscious Change, and Forced Feedback.

Get where you’re going, loving what you do and don’t do.
No more flying blind. Meet your Transformerpreneur* Wing Team.

Now working with veteran, up-and-running and would-be Transformerpreneurs*. was founded by award-winning Author, Architect, Artist, and Combination Coach Richard Conner.

Richard has 25 years experience starting, building, managing, growing and exiting a Design Week Top 100 international group of creative businesses generating annual sales of over $5M.

He has acted as CEO, Managing, Creative, Operations and Finance Director to his team of over 100 people working from studios in London, Manchester, Sofia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Bangkok.

We help Transformerpreneurs, like you, minimise their risk of failure and increase their likelihood of success by looking after the nuts and bolts of business organisation, systems, software, management, finance, planning, growth, and profitability.

They do all of this so you can focus fully on what you do best; being creative, telling your story, delivering your message, honing your craft and helping heroes, including you, realise their vision.

Richard Conner Business Growth Success Coach Consultant

Make a change, today.
Work happily on your life, work, and business not just begrudgingly in them.

Receive Two FREE Books and the ‘Break Your Busy - Save The Day’ Email Course designed to Unlock your Time, Creativity, and Purpose.