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This vital component of the Creative Loop isn’t always apparent...

First Flow

I'm going to talk about the Creative Loop. If you don't know what it is or, you do and you're just not in it, or not in it often enough read on.

Whether you’re overly absorbed in or regularly distracted by the High Definition Life or not we would all feel better if we were more creative in our life, work and relationships. When I talk about being creative I’m not just referring to the obvious forms of creativity like the arts, crafts or design professions, inventing a new product, or starting and building a business.

I’m also referring to being more creative in how we approach situations, events and relationships in our personal life and work life. It doesn’t matter if these are big things or little things, creative thinking not just creative doing permeates all of our lives to varying degrees depending on what we’re dealing with. Implementing change is inherently creative.

If we’re honest with ourselves we could all do with more of the thinking variety. Creative thinking helps us see and understand the bigger picture. This can, in turn, prevent us from wasting valuable energy, time and money on ill-considered creative doing.

However, there is a missing link, in what is effectively a creative loop. Before we can think and do freely, we must also feel free. Normally this vital component of the creative loop isn’t apparent. We take for granted that we’re thinking or doing, or not carrying out either. As far as we are concerned that’s the end of it. We’re in the mood to create at some level or we aren’t. We fail to recognise that this seemingly missing link is, behind the scenes, either stopping or starting our creative thinking and doing.

Stopping and Starting

The stopping can show up as distraction, procrastination, doubt, uncertainty, excuse making, anxiety and fear which culminates in a more reactive yet passive response to our High Definition Life experience. Conversely, the starting looks like direction, focus, confidence and passion which is a much more proactive assertive and positive response.

To the extent we are stopping we are more open to, accepting of, and to some degree in need of outside external leadership. When we are starting we are at our core leading ourselves where we want to go within the High Definition Life. As a result, because our creative thinking and creative doing are more aligned and connected we will most likely experience positive life outcomes.

That Creative Feeling

What is this missing link? It is creative feeling and it is the oil in our idea engine that bridges the gap between thinking and doing. At the same time, it allows the creative loop to keep flowing continuously. 

What if I told you there was a quick way to access greater and more consistent levels of creativity, in the form of both thinking and doing? What if this process is also capable of removing obstacles that might ordinarily stop you taking action to turn your dreams into reality now, rather than later, in some distant ever-receding future?

Why stop there? On top of all of that this same simple technique also helps unblock and unlock other areas of your life, like your health, wellbeing and relationships. It does this at the same time as allowing you to be more open to Conscious Change, Creativity, Communication and Connection with your self, intimate others and your High Definition Life content and context.

What is this elixir of life I hear you ask? Of what, exactly do I speak? Well, I’m not here to sell you into some new-fangled methodology. My aim is to shed some light on a proven approach to living and working a better more creative and enjoyable life.

Drum roll please. It is, of course, breathing and breathwork. Our life-given biological inheritance that provides free access to creative feeling and consequently unrestricted creative thinking and doing.

Early into my Significant Life Change (SLC) I discovered conscious breathing and breathwork meditation as very powerful forms of emotional self-healing. This led me to take a full-time three-week intensive Rebirthing Breathwork Training course. The course and breathwork turned out to be a lot of things but quite unexpectedly it was a way to be more creative more consistently.

Do you want to be more creative?

Do you struggle to act consistently on your ideas and creativity?

Are you considered 'creative' and a 'doer' but don't really feel like you are either?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? Then know that even a moderate sporadic practice of conscious breathing or breathwork meditation can free you to be more open to change, which is an inherently creative process in itself, and increasingly connected to your creative feeling, thinking and doing.

During and after the training I created a twenty-one-day mini-documentary called ‘First Flow - Be More Creative’ to spread the word about how breathwork really can help you live a fuller more creative life.

Before taking the training it had gradually dawned on me that releasing negative emotions and trauma from your body frees up the mind to be calmer and therefore more creative. After the relative intensity of the training (on average 2 hours per day of conscious breathwork 5 days a week), I’d go so far as to say breathwork is one of the quickest and most profoundly powerful ways to achieve a more consistent and permanent level of enhanced creativity.

In short, It’s an incredibly efficient way to clear the fog of distraction, keep the overwhelm storm of the High Definition Life at bay and reveal the truth of your creativity and your Real Work.

Breathing to be more creative doesn’t have to be full-blown breathwork. Benefits can also be felt and experienced by engaging in a few minutes breathing exercises each or every other day. It’s not just your creative thinking, feeling and doing that will be improved, so will your health. 

You can learn more about breathwork and how it affects health, wellbeing and creativity by watching my FREEFirst Flow - Be More CreativeMini-Documentary here.

For now, I’ll leave you with a summary of my first breathwork session and the corresponding 'Day 01' video log from the documentary.

Day 01 - My First Breathwork Session

My session was supported and guided by an experienced breathworker, with three other trainees in the room observing. After a short period of relaxation and breathing, I entered a primarily feeling state that was predominantly focused on and in my body.

I moved from being very conscious to the extremities of my body to only the internal energy flow, it's blockages and how powerful it was. As I allowed myself, through discomfort, to breathe into the painful resistance in my arms, hands, legs and back, I could feel my body and consciousness expand into a softer energetic glow.

Momentary releases within this state marked gradual levels of surrender to the unwanted feelings. I was encouraged to maintain my breathing through the resistance. And then as I was floating in the sensations, breath flowing continuously as if I was being breathed by something more than myself I was shocked back to a more present awareness, engulfed in what I can only describe as a cloud of fear.

Jolted I gasped for air. Was this my moment of birth? I was encouraged to breath into the fear. I existed at one with it. Shaken, shocked, gasping, I felt now as if I was expanded into a body-less and limitless existence. The experience came with a feeling of being watched by a warm expansive comfort that I could if I wanted flow and grow into and explore.

I think it was me that I had found and entered. On returning to my body, which took quite some time, I cried and sobbed, not really knowing why. I experienced a deep level of release. While it exhausted me, it also enlivened me, giving me a level of peace and calm that is so rarely felt but always welcome.

The pain and resistance are in my experience always followed by bliss. I always look forward to experiencing this, especially when guided by an intuitive highly experienced breathworker.

Sometime during or after the bliss, maybe a few hours, or even days I’m exposed to new realisations and creative insights about my life and work. The doubts, excuses and fears that would normally have held me back in life no longer carry any weight. In fact, they seem to have been replaced with a resolute objectivity and an excitement to get started. This isn’t a short-lived, flash-in-the-pan burst of energy. It’s the calmer, more consistent whirring of my idea engine being put through it’s paces.

You can learn more about breathwork and how it affects health, wellbeing and creativity by watching my FREEFirst Flow - Be More CreativeMini-Documentary here.

Imagine a river watercourse flowing from its mountain source to the ocean. The water will carve its route unabated with or without interference. We knowingly and unknowingly manipulate and obstruct this creative flow through our resistance to it.

The reality of this energy flow lifecycle is to return to its mountain and ocean source. Over time despite resistance, it will remove all barriers in its way.

If not allowed to run its course it will eventually break its banks and overflow overcoming any obstacles in its path. Allowing the breath to find its natural way through us will lead to a powerful and healing overflow of energy, insights and new realisations.

In this way, we remove obstacles to life flow and experience the full power of the creative energy moving through us. In surrender, we breathe fully no matter what we experience physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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