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I’m thankful that I’m no longer trying to work out how to fix my life.

Back to Basics

The breeze is whistling gently through the wind chime, the harmonic hum reverberates off the majestic megalithic stones surrounding and enclosing The Cave, the Ricardo Rochilez Retreat.

I notice something different for the first time since I can remember. I don't feel like I need to be anywhere else or doing anything differently. I’m exactly where I am and doing what I should be doing right now where I want to be doing it. I’m thankful that I'm not trying to work out how to fix my life. For a change, I’m living and working it and enjoying both the process and the outcomes as they unfold.

I look over the retrospective design brief summary and the schedule of works I’d created for my project records shortly after The Cave 1.0 was completed, photographed and ready for me to inhabit.

I’m struck how what I’d synchronistically and spontaneously created in and for The Cave could in the most part also relate to and describe me. It’s as if at the same time I was refurbishing The Cave the same was happening to me.

My report speaks volumes about what I ought to remember about designing my life and maintaining my self. It highlights perfectly the practice and work I should always keep close to heart when coming back to my self and the truth about who and what I represent and Why within the High Definition Life.

Retrospective Design Brief

A studio retreat for relaxation, meditation, contemplation and creation that respects and compliments the natural architecture of the existing physical environment and it’s constraints.

De-clutter, clean and tidy the hierarchy of internal spaces in order of importance and reduce or remove conflicting artificial contrasts and conflicts, so that nature’s elemental palette of earth, wind, fire and water in their raw forms can provide a living canvas for personal creative expression.

Make weather proof as far as possible but accept that sometimes there are unexpected storms, the roof leaks and rain gets in. Remember that what gets wet soon dries, weather damage adds character, and assuming a strong foundation, anything can be rebuilt.

Design, build, renovate and refurbish using existing materials and resources as found within. Employ only artefacts that support the retreat functions, nothing more, nothing less, ensuring whatever is added is repair and maintenance simple. Discard everything else.

Leave everything in better shape than you found it and document, manual and make available to yourself and related others any newly introduced changes and enhancements.

Schedule of Works

  • Remove and clear all rubbish, decaying possessions.

  • Remove all colourful adornments (artificial cords and ropes, melted candles)

  • Reduce the impact of blue and white striped tarp.

  • Clean and wash remained jars and bottles for mood lighting clusters.

  • Clean and scrub decks ready for lacquer.

  • Repair and make good roof where accessible and possible.

  • Tidy remaining cave, stacking wood and prepping fire.

  • Devise visually and unobtrusive means to shelter the deck.

  • Create furniture from existing nearby timber resources available.


  • Closer to nature and self with an abundance of peace and quiet.

  • Back to basics. Reset and reboot to appreciate the simple in life.

  • Nearer my edge (testing security, trust, boundaries, exposure and territory)

  • Letting go of attachment to possession and ownership concepts.

  • A once-in-a-lifetime experience to live in a unique home.

  • A Real Work creative, inspirational and purposeful ‘HOME’ project.

  • Exercise walking the ridge up to The Cave a few times each day.

  • An opportunity to contribute by leaving it better than when it was found.

After finishing my report I imagine and envision that The Cave Rules. For those destined for a relationship with it, they would be useful for incoming and outgoing stewards of this newly clear space. The rules might read ‘Log and communicate any changes and improvements. Leave it in the state you found it or better. Take all your shit with you or better still throw it away.’

The Cave really does rule.

Plato's Cave

Now, as we’ve been talking about both real and metaphorical caves, I’ll leave you with Plato’s Cave which will lead nicely into the High Definition Life, the subject of my next post.

Plato made up an enduring story about why philosophy matters based on an allegory about a cave...courtesy The School of Life.

The Cave is where Master The Seven Works — Repurpose Your Life : The Holistically Simple Way to Create Conscious Change and Work Your Why’ was written by Richard Conner (Combination Coach CEO @ It’s available now for 30% OFF.