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In Part 3 - Conscious Communication I talked about the experience of different, forgotten and new forms of communication and how they can influence change if we take the time to remember and engage with them. In Conscious Connection I summarise the most important external and internal outcomes and milestones reached in my post-SLC world so far and how you can take the next step in your creative journey.

Conscious Connection

I designed my new studio retreat home in the jungle. The Cave 2.0 respects Cave 1.0 by building on the same foundations, literally, while honouring its inherent majesty by cantilevering out into the jungle canopy. The Cave has been and continues to be a place of conscious connection for me. Upgrading it feels like giving a little something back after receiving so much.

I wrote and published my first book in my Work Life Wide Open Series ‘Break Your Busy - Set Your Creativity Free : A Disruptively Simple Approach to Better Life and Time Management'.

I came up with at least two more nonfiction book concept outlines and training courses.

I started to plan and envision my first Sci-Fi novel series.

I worked on average 40 hours of Real Work per week compared to 60 hours of Busy Work per week the previous year. Many weeks I didn’t work at all in the traditional sense. Other weeks I was fully immersed in my Real Work clocking 50 to 70 hours for months at a time, with no detrimental effects to my health and wellbeing. I was more than happy putting this amount of time and effort into my Real Work.

I successfully extracted myself from the matrix and the Idyllic Illusion, that inherited belief system that assumes we have to do things a certain way in a prescribed order to be happy, fulfilled and successful doing what we want in life.

I detoxed mentally, emotionally and physically from my past life. I’m not as jumpy, defensive, impatient, stressed, despondent, powerless, trapped and disheartened as I was pre-SLC.

I became more relaxed, flexible, energised, effective, productive, purposeful, fulfilled and happy. I think it really does take at least a year to fully detox.

I found myself more connected to my self and what I wanted to give to the world.

Did I know I was going to do any of this before I ‘quit’ my previous life? No. I had no plan whatsoever. Have I enjoyed the not knowing what was going to happen next? Most of the time. Has it been fun? More often than not.

Could I have done all of these things while Busy Working back in the city? Not a chance. How do I know? If I knew without a doubt what I really wanted it would have happened already. That’s the point. I had to make the space to really understand what I wanted at that time of my life and allow myself the opportunity to Change To Changed.

By following a series of actions consciously I’ve taken a much more authentic degree of control over myself and my life. In doing so my ability to give to my self and others through the evolving High Definition Life by managing Change, Creativity, Communication and Connection has enhanced my life beyond what I would ever allow myself to imagine, let alone create. And this is really just the new beginning.

Some of the new concepts developed and explored in 'Master The Seven Works - Repurpose Your Life' and 'Work Life Wide Open - Create Master Change'.

The upshot is I know my self more than I did a year ago. I’ve grown as much and as little as I needed to because I’d given myself space to do so. I relinquished control. By continually and consistently practicing Break Your Busy you can too.

Break Your Busy is a stepping stone to Conscious Change, Creativity, Communication and Connection, the essential ingredients of a purposeful and meaningful existence within the High Definition Life.

If you haven’t downloaded your copy of ‘Break Your Busy - Set Your Creativity Free : A Disruptively Simple Approach to Better Life and Time Management’ the first book in my Work Life Wide Open Series you can sign up to The Creative Core Readers List and receive your FREE copy along with 3 FREE Bonus Guides PLUS extrras to help you Break Your Busy more quickly and effectively by clicking here

I hope you enjoy it! Here’s to unbridled change and creativity. Thanks for reading.