3 / 4 | Conscious Communication | Change To Changed | This Year vs Last

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In Part 2 - Conscious Creativity I covered some of the ways I was able to re-engage with my creativity consciously once I had made the time and space. In Conscious Communication I talk about the experience of different, forgotten and new forms of both external and internal communication. 

Whether we realise it or not we communicate with ourselves, with intimate others, and with the greater whole all of the time. We are never truly switched off. Through life experience and life change we develop and grow into an intention to meet the world more authentically, regardless of the change that might result, whether it is wanted or not. This is the only real way we can communicate consciously. 

What is being authentic I ask myself as I write this? It changes and evolves, just as we do. To be authentic in any moment relies on knowing our selves as deeply as we can in as many different contexts as we need to resolve any obstacles to our most creative self. To be clear, to be creative is not reserved for the obvious forms of creativity in physical or energetic form, like architecture, art, dance, music, etc.

It can be as subtle as a change in perception, a new way of communicating something difficult to hear, building an unlikely relationship that didn’t exist before or working on how to change your life into something you want rather than what someone or something else wanted for or from you.

Conscious Communication

I made countless new friends and nurtured a handful of close relationships, all of which have opened my eyes and mind to new ways of thinking and being.

I had relationships that offered me many opportunities for real growth in intimacy. For years the deepest level of connection I’d managed to attract and be available for seemed to be reserved only for the occasional one or two-night stand. I hadn’t been ‘in relationship’ despite wanting to be, for about three years prior to making my Significant Life Change.

I travelled to Europe, the US and the UK numerous times to visit with family, friends and lovers for pleasure because I wanted to and I could.

I made two surprise visits to spend time with my parents. I’ve communicated more with my parents in person and from afar this year than I have in the last ten years living only a few hours away.

I entered a vipassana silent meditation retreat for ten days.

I journeyed intentionally with Ayahuasca, Shamanic Breathwork, Kambo and 5-MEO-DMT. You can read about these medicinal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences and more in Work Life Wide Open.

I discovered breathwork meditation as a very powerful form of emotional self-healing. This led me to take a full time three week intensive Rebirthing Breathwork Training course. You can find out more about this experience and learn how to be more creative here.

Gradually, with the help of a special someone, I started using voice messages, talking on the phone, and using Skype and FaceTime instead of resorting to text messages, chat and emails all the time. I didn’t know how big a thing this was for me until I started breaking my control habit and appreciated I had time to be more available and in the moment when communicating at a distance.

This was a marked difference to how I used to engage with people, professionally or personally. I had the time and energy for this post-SLC, even if not having the time was always an excuse for me pre-SLC.

I came up with an idea and plan for an architectural design competition open to everyone that explores how we will really want and need to live in the near and far future within the High Definition Life context we are constantly and rapidly co-creating.

I created a twenty-one day mini-documentary called First Flow to spread the word about how breathwork really can help you live a fuller life and be more creative. I did this also to get over myself by breaking the seal on using video to communicate my insights, ideas, inspiration and intentions. This all started and was made possible by changing the way I communicate with loved ones, including myself.

I set up my author, publishing, training and consultancy business Fast Space Creative.

I created a personal brand and authentic voice for my new nonfiction author identity and launched a new Real Work career in the process.

I learned how to market myself as an author and how to promote my books and writing the way I wanted to. In doing so I built a website, business platform, and marketing system to automate the process so I can concentrate more fully on my Real Work of writing and being creative.

The final part of this blog series Part 4 - Conscious Connection will close the loop on my first year out of what I call the Idyllic Illusion of the High Definition Life, highlight the stark contrast between This Year vs Last Year and show you how you can start to create the same or similar outcomes in your own life.