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In Part 1 - Conscious Change I talked about the concept of Breaking Your Busy and Significant Life Change. Here, in Conscious Creativity I cover off some of the catalysts and triggers that led me to realise and accept that I had no real choice but to make a seemingly abrupt significant change in the interest of reconnecting with my creativity. Ignorance and neglect of my creative instinct was, I believed, at the heart of my dissatisfaction and despondency.

Conscious Creativity

By reading on you can start to see some of the almost immediate results of what become my two-phase Breaking Your Busy experience.

This Year (post-SLC)

I took a six week holiday and test sabbatical from working full time (x2) in my business. This was the first phase of my Breaking Your Busy adventure. I had a long list of things I believed I wanted and needed to get done for myself, not my business, on this trip, none of which I gave a second thought when I arrived at my destination.

I ‘journeyed’ unwittingly with a large amount of LSD and survived the trip.

I quite unexpectedly built a large mythical sea creature dinosaur skeleton sculpture out of palm tree branches on a tropical island beach. As you do.

Shortly after returning from this mini-sabbatical I pressed go on my Significant Life Change and left my business, my job, my career, my home, my friends and my city to create a huge, long overdue Work Vacuum with which to find and really connect with my Real Work.

I had lost contact with and did not know what my Real Work was anymore or what it was going to be. Enter phase two Breaking Your Busy.

I made preparations, put my administerial house in order, took some time visiting friends in Europe (something I hadn’t done since I was at University over twenty years earlier) then bounced to what was to become my new home in Thailand.

Almost as soon as I was travelling I started journalling and writing, a lot.

I slept, relaxed, talked, contemplated, danced, swam in the sea, sunbathed and enjoyed some extensive hammock and Li-Lo time. I didn’t plan anything. My decisions were limited to which of five restaurants in the island bays of my new home to eat at and whether or not to have a glass of wine with dinner.

I found myself getting my hands dirty creating Cave 1.0, my home in the jungle.

I spent countless hours in nature just being, thinking, meditating, writing and working. 

I developed a new habit of doing What I want, Where I want, How I want and Why I want.

I reconnected with architecture by designing the Ying Yang Universal Toroidal Flow House Studio (along with numerous other concept sketch designs). This was the first time I’d designed a building in around seven years.

I wrote three books from scratch to final draft. After one year ‘Break Your Busy’ was published. ’Master The Seven Works’ and ‘Work Life Wide Open’ were ready for final editing, promotion and publication.

In writing these books I found my Real Work of the moment with which I could start to understand my Whys more fully and develop my ‘new’ more authentic voice that I could feel at ease meeting the world with. An unexpected side effect of focussing on what came up for me in the moment was that some new ideas and insights were allowed to surface, be heard and be acted upon.

It takes a lot of work to move from marketing and promoting your traditional business, portfolio, process, products and services to talking about the unseen emotional, mental and physical drivers and behaviours that may or may not be creating our unique life experience. This is especially true and significantly more challenging and edgy when trying to identify and communicate common patterns we all might share when using only your own life experience to do so.

This potential obstacle was however short-lived. As my writing unfolded I created and developed a series of key transformational concepts designed to help navigate the High Definition Life more effectively, using my example to illustrate.

Watch out for Part 3 - Conscious Communication where I’ll cover the subtle and not so subtle experiences I had in ‘conversation’ with my self and others.