A precious guide to the path of self-discovery. The clear and concise definition of notions such as Real Work and Busy Work renders this process accessible, approachable and translates the theoretical into practical. Finally, by sharing personal experiences, he makes each reader’s personal journey less lonely. And who doesn’t need to feel that they are not alone out there?

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You’ve had enough of the relentless Busy Work that consumes your days, evenings and weekends.

You’re sick and tired of the endless, meaningless drudgery.

Life without purpose, no matter how much money, possessions, or fun you have is short-lived. If you lack the time, health, relationships, and freedom to enjoy a fulfilled life, what’s all the hard work been for?

You already know searching for more ways to change your life on the surface isn't the answer.

Now you crave the space, time, flexibility and freedom to do the Real Work you want to do when you want to do it. You long to spend time with your family and friends without always thinking and feeling like you should be somewhere else, working. You're finished with always struggling to find the time and energy to enjoy more creative freedom in your life, work, and business.

You’re done with living someone else’s life.

With Master The Seven Works - Repurpose Your Life you’re empowered to do more of what you love and less of what you don’t. Read it and you'll move beyond those ‘I don’t know what to do with my life’ thoughts and feelings into a realm of renewed potential and heightened possibility.

The Seven Works is a simple, new, flexible work-life-change blueprint tailored to your unique life context and life content. Master it, and you’ll enjoy the time, energy, clarity, passion, and motivation to always do what matters to you most, spiritually, personally, at home with family, at work and in business.


Master The Seven Works - Repurpose Your Life

The Holistically Simple Way to Create Conscious Change and Work Your Why

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Excellent! A must-read if your work life is leaving you feeling unfulfilled on a deep level. A simple approach with the potential to create large-scale change toward leading a purposeful work-life.


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This is brilliant timing for this read to find me. Richard Conner has targeted his reader, to an audience that is awakening to purpose and change. This author is able to capture the reader and hold them in a place of understanding with his simple steps to finding that purpose. Thank you Richard, for your work, and bringing it to me in a way that resonates with my soul.

A manuscript for change.

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Why are we doing what we are doing? How do we create and sustain a sense of fulfilment? Does happiness come from success, or does it come from taking it easy and enjoying the moment? This book is the author’s culmination of insights derived from a lifetime of exploring these questions, where he finds himself enjoying a life of simple enjoyment and self-derived purpose. Having read a ton of books in the genre I was struck at the unique approach Richard takes to distilling a system from his own experiences of finding a way to work with joy, systematically and organically.

Design a life well-lived, in real-time.

In Master The Seven Works you’ll learn how to:

Eliminate stress, anxiety and overwhelm
Synchronise your life’s work to serve you
Make time to change your life
Achieve more by doing less
Focus on what matters to you most
Be more productive, efficient and effective
Stop procrastination for good
Consistently reach your goals
Step beyond work-life balance conflict
Nurture greater peace of mind and body
Supercharge your decision-making ability
Enjoy more time and space to be creative
Increase your clarity, confidence, and creative freedom
Maintain a creative state of flow no matter what’s happening
Overcome that 'I don't know what to do with my life' problem
Know your purpose in life and the moment
Become increasingly more purpose driven in life
Navigate change like a ninja
Work on your life instead of just in it
Continually improve your relationships
Feel more connected

Delivers holistic results in all areas of your life.

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High Definition Life
The Projected Ideal
Technological Disorder
Broken Blueprint

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

01. The Master Works
02. Busy Work vs. Real Work
03. Riding Work Edges
04. The Seven Works
05. Necessary Evils
06. Double Infidelity
07. Disconnected Relationships

Redefining Works

08. Letting Go
09. Significant Life Change
10. Warrior Cultivation
11. Redefining Works
12. The Real Works
13. The Support Works
14. The Busy Works

Work Your Why

15. Projected Ideal Response
16. Work Profiles
17. Sliding Service Scale
18. You Outlook
19. Work Your Why
20. Unlimited Power Cell
21. The Creative Loop


Creative vs. Reactive
The Power Seven

Print Length: 325 Pages