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The information put forward within book, courses and consultations is by no means an instruction or invitation to take action but merely a collection of ideas and considerations that may or may not be applicable to your current or future situation. As such these books are intended as practical guides for information only. You should seek, where necessary and appropriate, professional advice related to any significant life change or business change you may be considering as you see fit to assess the impact and implications on other areas of your life and business before taking any action.

The material promoted through or on, or purchased through any related Fast Space Creative Ltd company website, app, page, profile, product or service is intended for information and entertainment only. Where appropriate you should seek professional financial and legal advice from your coach, counsellor, therapist, accountant, solicitor, lawyer, licensed insolvency practitioner or other specialist advisors before taking any action suggested by products or services offered free of charge or for sale by Richard Conner, Fast Space Creative Ltd or any related trading names and brands (e.g. 'The Creative Core', 'Combination Coaching', 'GO FASTER', 'Work Life Wide Open', 'Save The Day', 'My Business Survival').

The information and systems available have been compiled and created from first hand experience of the author's private life experience and his international business operations, specifically in the United Kingdom. As such the information provided does NOT constitute advice, professional or otherwise, or an invitation to take action.

Fast Space Creative Ltd and the authors are NOT qualified financial or legal advisors and as such will NOT be held responsible for any actions you take relating to your business as a result of reading, using and acting upon the material on any related Fast Space Creative Ltd company website or in the products sold or provided freely through any related Fast Space Creative Ltd company trading outlet, be that online or offline.

The information, guidance and training put forward are by no means an instruction or invitation to take action but merely a list of practical considerations, principles and systems that may or may not be applicable to your current or future personal or business situation. The options open to you and your business described by this material or system are not exhaustive.

Any sequence of events, persons, and numerical figures included within the material available are for information and illustration only and any similarity, implied or otherwise, with any existing business or person that is trading, in administration, in liquidation, or wound up is purely coincidental.

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