Apparently, a born entrepreneur can make anything profitable. While that may be true I believe any type of entrepreneur, natural or nurtured, is equally capable of making anything unprofitable! This tendency is compounded exponentially when focusing on your goals, passions and the direction of your business take second place to continual day-to-day problem solving and relentless fire-fighting.

You’re just one step away from saving your consultancy, practice, studio, atelier, web shop, or agency and turning it into a debt-free, successful, sustainable, profitable and cash flow positive business without losing everything and going bankrupt.

I know all too well the hell you’re going through right now. Sleepless nights, sick to the pit of your stomach at the prospect of not making the salary run each month. Broken relationships, stress, fatigue, anxiety, sickness and inevitable burn out. The constant, all to familiar bed fellows we’re told are par for the course when it comes to being an entrepreneur and your own boss.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

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I’m Richard Conner, Author, Architect, Artist and Combination Coach CEO Founder @ I have 25 years experience starting, building, growing, saving, turning around, and exiting an award-winning group of creative and design consultancy businesses. I built these companies from a back-bedroom with zero sales into an international group of studios with $5M in annual sales.

During my extensive business career I’ve acted as CEO, Managing, Creative, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, and Finance Director to my architectural practice, illustration and animation studio, web development team, and creative marketing communications and branding agency.

I’ve managed a team of over 100 people working from studios in London, Manchester, Sofia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bangkok.

This is EVERYTHING you need to save, turnaround, and grow your struggling, loss-making, insolvent, failing business and make it profitable again.

Do you own or manage an underperforming professional service consultancy, an architects practice, a design or production studio, web development team, marketing communications, public relations PR, digital or creative agency?

Does your business match any or all of the criteria and symptoms below?

If so, remember the investment you've made to date. Your business is worth fighting for. This course can help you quickly turn it around.

Save Grow Turnaround your Business Total Turnaround Online Course Criteria

Stop haemorrhaging money due to economic conditions, poor sales, and underfunded unsustainable growth.

If you're business is struggling, or worse, failing, know now exactly What to do, How and When to turn it around for good. Learn how to save, turnaround, and grow your business to restore positive cash flow no matter the state it's in.

Learn how you can quickly and easily rebuild and restructure your business without going going under.

If you’ve ever wanted to ensure sustainable growth in your company without constantly struggling with the effects of a recession, downturn or unexpected change and you own or manage a small to medium (SME) sized consultancy or professional service business then read on.

I am going to show you how to dial in to your company in a way that will help you Reduce Debt, Manage Insolvency, Improve Cash Flow, Secure Financing, Develop Sustainable Growth, and Achieve Success despite the Economic Conditions, Recession or no recession.

You’ll be more prepared to generate growth in your company without having to deal with hiring expensive consultants and spending precious cash flow on outside help, or worse still having to face downsizing and laying off your A-Team, your most valuable and hard-won employees, to make ends meet until the next payroll crisis hits your firm.

But before I do that, let me tell you a little about how I was able to finally overcome the financial challenges brought about by unexpected change, rapid growth, recession and economic downturn.

I read somewhere once that apparently a born entrepreneur can make anything profitable. While that may be true I believe any type of entrepreneur, natural or nurtured, is equally capable of making anything unprofitable! This tendency is compounded exponentially when focusing on your goals, passions and the direction of your business take second place to continual day-to-day problem solving and relentless fire-fighting.

Over the years I have started businesses that generated healthy profits in a very short amount of time that developed quickly and grew organically into larger successful BUT seriously under-funded businesses.

The very success that you are working towards (and in some cases achieving!) often becomes the cause of your frustrations as you strive to overcome persistent problems to develop and grow your business.

Before you know it and before you have a chance to be proactive, like a mad dog you are chasing your tail. The freedom, responsibility and control you would do anything to attain and maintain has become a huge weight on your shoulders that becomes harder and harder to shrug off.

The deeper your involvement and the more committed and loyal you are to your business and your team the more you realise you have unwittingly traded your regular pay check for a new boss; the bank, your investors, your creditors, your suppliers, your staff, your clients and your customers.

Your time and energy is hijacked by everything other than what you wanted and need to do and what your business is meant to be all about. In short you feel lost, trapped, unheard, and worst of all, unsupported.

Save Grow Turnaround your Business Total Turnaround Online Course Constant Battle

After nearly losing my first business because of these kinds of problems. I had to find a way to start again with a fresh perspective and approach.

To overcome these major issues I had to re-learn and adjust my management strategies at the same time as reduce mine and my businesses reliance on debt during my journey to stable, sustainable and profitable cash flow positive growth.

With severely restricted cash flow at times it seemed like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. But, I knew from experience that hard work eventually pays off. It took time but with help and support I was gradually able to bring my business finances under control and return to profit. During this process I learned some of the most valuable lessons about business.

I know first-hand that these are not the lessons you will learn in school, college or university while studying finance, business and management. These are the hard learned lessons of life and business that you only learn by experiencing them for yourself and coming out the other side stronger and street wiser.

I forgot Einstein’s definition of insanity, i.e. doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

While I restructured my businesses I decided it was time to pay detailed attention to what exactly I was doing, when and why. You see after 15+ years in business you start to take your knowledge and experience for granted. Operating on gut instinct, chancing it on nothing more than a wing and prayer I forgot Einstein’s timeless words of wisdom. This time I wanted to record what I was doing and fully understand why something was working and why something wasn’t to create a reliable blueprint and framework to turn a business around successfully.

To get through these difficult times my business partners and I pulled out all the stops to turnaround our businesses. Even with nearly 50 years experience between us, a large network of friends, colleagues, suppliers, advisors and clients it was a struggle to find out and understand what we needed to do to keep our businesses working and stop them struggling again in the future.

It seemed that nobody really knew what to do and when to avoid the inevitable business collapse that we were facing down. The professionals were busy looking after their own interests focussing on the fees they could weed out of the process, which just made it much harder to transition through a turnaround with anything like a soft landing.

However, after a lot of research and trial and error live in the field, I finally got to grips with the complex and seemingly never-ending process and began to boil it down into simple, straightforward and manageable tasks that me or my team could implement without breaking a sweat or becoming overwhelmed and stressed.

It wasn’t long before the changes we did action quickly started to make a positive affect. We had more time, energy and resources to really start to focus on building the business and taking on new, exciting projects as oppose to always working endlessly to avoid failure and cauterise the wounds to stop the cash flow bleed we were living and dying by day in and day out.

We had more time to breathe and think. At last we were able to come up for air.


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