About 20 years ago I embarked on a journey to fulfil what I still believe is my life’s vocation. My all-consuming passion to save the wild tiger has, however, become boxed in by the rigours of ‘Busy Work’. I’m now continually lurching from one fabricated deadline to another, strangled by responsibilities I wasn’t looking for. Richard teaches the value of ‘Letting Go’ to create the ‘Work Vacuum’ essential to getting back on track with the important and rewarding ‘Real Work’.

Lifestyle Transformation Business Success Coaching, Mentoring, and Consultancy for New and Veteran Transformerpreneurs.

Combination Coaching is a hybrid bespoke 'work-life-change' designed for you, with you coaching, mentoring, and consultancy service for ambitious Transformers, their special projects, and businesses.

Are you a small to medium size Transformation Business owner manager or would-be Transformerpreneur?

When was the last time every aspect of your life was working like clockwork? How often has your Transformation Business moved from strength to strength at the same time as your personal life and intimate relationships have never felt better?

In the High Definition Life that we are all co-creating at breakneck speed, life, work, business, and relationships rarely do as they're told. Unpredictable, unexpected and unwanted 'life outcomes' consume our days. They distract us from what matters most to us regardless of how much time and effort we persistently devote to them.

No matter how much we aim to separate our personal and work lives, the boundaries we struggle to erect and maintain between them can become irreversibly blurred. The resulting Busy Workaholism, stress, and burnout, subtle or in the extreme, disguises and distracts us from the 'War of The Works' raging, often unseen, within and without us.

This internal and external conflict stalls our progress preventing us from identifying and dealing with the real issues that would, when handled, free us to implement change proactively rather than being forced to firefight it reactively.

Combination Coaching is an integrated, holistic hybrid and bespoke one-to-one service providing support on a strategic as well as a tactical level for your life, work, and Transformation Business.

How Transformation Business Growth Success Coaching and Consultancy works.

The practice of Combination Coaching as a whole can dovetail with existing or incoming, planned or otherwise, specialist personal development programmes, training, therapies and healing modalities. Each session works to uncover and resolve the internal and external conflicts, blind spots, and challenges that hinder progress and growth toward discovering What you truly want and Why, and creating it consistently in your life, work, and business ventures.

Bespoke, action orientated Combination Coaching adopts a three-pronged approach to planning, implementing, handling, and harnessing change. By working closely together with the bigger picture, the details, and the integrated, connected nature of your life, work and business we hone in on the many levels of opportunity for change that exist within your current life context and life content.

And we find it; the insight that will reveal and break through your hidden and limiting beliefs to unlock the next game-changing level of your life and business so you can play full out, and full on.

Sessions, carried out at a pace and intensity you are comfortable with, are co-designed with you to create an optimal and flexible format for continual improvement across all areas of your life.

Together we will tailor and adapt the content of each session to suit your current priorities, longer term vision, and specific challenges and opportunities. We will make the realisation of your vision for your life into a grandmaster project that can be delivered, time and again as it, and you, evolve, insight after insight.

Are you facing isolated or recurring problems, challenges or resistance to change in yourself, at home, at work or in your business? Are you action-orientated; do you thrive on making things happen?

If so, results driven action orientated Combination Coaching offers the best of both worlds by supporting you to uncover and overcome the hidden obstacles that are preventing you from imagining, living and working your life the way you want to.

The reality of our lives is always limited. The potential of our lives is always limitless.

The gap between these experiences narrows when we understand how to take continual action to uncover and remove the limits we impose upon ourselves.

Combination Coaching will challenge you to start living and working your life with amplified intention, meaning, clarity, focus, drive, creativity, passion and purpose.

Symptoms, Solutions and Life Outcomes.

Busyness, Workaholism and Burnout
Coping Mechanisms
Core Life Problems
Negative Life Outcomes
Partnership Problems
Forced Feedback
The GOFASTER Principles
Whys, How's and Whats
Breaking Your Busy
Work Vacuums
Significant Life Change
The Seven Works
Real Work Evolution
The Creative Loop

Focus on creating a Better Life, Work and Business.

Meaning and purpose.
Creativity and vision.
Relationships, intimacy and connection.
Personal and business branding.
Business startup, growth + turnaround.
Leadership and management.
Decision making processes.
Planning and implementing change.
Communication, marketing and sales.
Systems and automation.
Effective productivity.
Time, effort and money.

How do I find out more about your Combination Coaching services?

Firstly I strongly recommend reading the first two introductory books in my Work Life Wide Open series. They act as on-ramps to some of my key fundamental bespoke life and business coaching concepts and practices.

Both books are standalone quick reads and should take no more than 90 minutes each to complete. You can find my reader's book reviews at the bottom of this page or through my Amazon Author Page.

In the first instance, these books may answer some of your immediate questions and concerns. They'll also let you know a little about me in the process. Perhaps most importantly reading them will give us a rolling start ensuring any subsequent initial exploratory meeting is as efficient and effective as possible.

In this way we can focus primarily on your current situation, any and all of your most pressing problems and what your primary and biggest challenge is that we can work on together. Then we can really start to explore what you truly want to create in your life, work, and business.

Secondly, please message me below. Let me know as specifically as you can what your primary challenge and opportunity is at the moment. The next step will be to speak briefly on the phone and decide quickly whether to commit to a Combination Coaching Conversation in person (depending on my current location) or via video call. This will help us decide if coaching, consultancy or a combination of both is right for you, if I can help you, and if we're a good fit to work together.

What's your biggest life challenge and most exciting business opportunity?

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Reviews and feedback.

Absolute gold. A thoroughly enjoyable read that clarifies how we spend our work time and what each activity brings us. How to spot, evolve and harness our passions for fulfilling life to its full potential. How to relegate non-essential activities which are holding us back from this potential. Richard’s writing hits the spot and has made sense of my unconscious bad habits which waste time and hold me back.
A brilliant manifesto from Richard Conner on how to step from a stressed, negative hamster wheel of frustrating unfulfilled repetition into a new paradigm of creativity and flow. So many authors in this field promise a quick fix shot of positive thinking or ‘just add water’ instant recipe for happiness. Conner’s own experiences have taught him that our limiting patterns are deeply ingrained and require some serious focus and planning to unlock ourselves from them. I’ve taken on board a lot of points from the book including his concept of creating a ‘work vaccum’ on ‘skill’ and ‘step’ work as practical ways of ‘breaking busy’ and connecting with the true creative self. A great debut from a thinker with big potential,
Through The Seven Works, Richard Conner has put together a framework which I’m certain will relate to anyone who is in search of something different. As an architect living and working in the same city in which Richard has forged a formidable reputation through his previous works, it is great to understand that even those as driven and successful as he can yearn for the things we all do.
Absolutely blown away by how on point this book is, not just to my life but to everyone’s. We’re in a state of not fully knowing what we want, where to go, what to do and Richard’s Seven Works concept - and the associated ideas and plans - make complete sense of everything. I am now very clear on what is my Real Work and what is my Busy Work, and that creating free time for myself is not me being slack but creating much-needed space to process life and work. Brilliant.
The thinking person’s guide to human being as it’s meant to be..
When you read a guide to awakening from an architect, you can expect it will be an orderly process. However, what is revealed through this process are so many aha moments that you have to reread it again.
A precious guide to the path of self-discovery.
Richard manages to shed light on complex questions and ideas such as purpose in life, self-realization through meaningful work, mindfulness applied in day to day life. He doesn’t provide one size fit all answers but invites the reader to ask the right questions and tune into their inner wisdom to come up with answers leading to their personal truth.
Principles for architecting a life well lived, in real time.
Why are we doing what we are doing? How do we create and sustain a sense of fulfillment? Does happiness come from success, or does it come from taking it easy and enjoying the moment? This book is the author’s culmination of insights derived from a lifetime of exploring these questions, where he finds himself enjoying a life of simple enjoyment and self-derived purpose. Having read a ton of books in the genre I was struck at the unique approach Richard takes to distilling a system from his own experiences of finding a way to work with joy, systematically and organically.
About 20 years ago I embarked on a journey to fulfil what I still believe is my life’s vocation. My all-consuming passion to save the wild tiger has however, become boxed in by the rigours of “Busy Work”; lurching from one fabricated deadline to another, strangled by responsibilities I wasn’t looking for. The Seven Works teaches the value of ‘Letting Go’, to create the ‘Work Vacuum’ essential to getting back on track with the “Real Work”.
A manuscript for change. This is brilliant timing for this read to find me. Richard Conner has targeted his reader, to an audience that is awakening to purpose and change. This author is able to capture the reader and hold them in a place of understanding with his simple steps to finding that purpose. Thank you Richard, for your work, and bringing it to me in a way that resonates with my soul.
Excellent! A must-read if your work life is leaving you feeling unfulfilled on a deep level. A simple approach with the potential to create large-scale change toward leading a purposeful work-life.

Work creatively on your life and Transformation Business not just begrudgingly in them.


Combination Coach, Author, Architect, Artist, CEO, Managing, Creative, Marketing, Operations, Finance Director.

25 years experience starting, building, and growing an award-winning group of Transformation Businesses from zero turnover to $5M+ in sales revenue.

Books + Courses

Richard has authored a comprehensive series of books on Unlocking, Harnessing, and Mastering your Time, Money, Creativity, and Purpose.

The first two introductory 'on ramp' books 'Break Your Busy - Set Your Creativity Free' and The Seven Works - Reconfigure The Facets of Life' are available on Amazon.

Alternatively they are available FREE to those that opt in to join the Transformerpreneur.com Readers List.

Both books are recommended reading for those interested in Richard's Combination Coaching services.

Richard's 'My Business Survival' premium online comprehensive advanced online business success course 'Total Turnaround' designed to help struggling owner managers of failing professional service and creative studio consultancies navigate a successful business restructure is available now.

Business Experience

Richard Conner co-founded and managed award winning architectural practice Piercy Conner (now Piercy&Company) and Design Week Top 100 international creative agency Assembly Studios.

He has 25+ years experience as an international Transformation Business entrepreneur founder and co-founder CEO, Managing, Creative, Marketing, Operations, and Finance Director.

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 7 Award in Strategic Leadership
(t2 Business Solutions, 2011)

Personal Development

Rebirthing Breathworker Training
(Leonard Orr, RB International, 2017)

Authentic Man Program (AMP)
(Integral Centre)

UPW, Date With Destiny, Wealth Mastery + Life Mastery
(Tony Robbins Mastery University)

Master NLP + Hypnosis Practitioner
(Dr. Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna)

Formal Education

DipArch + Professional Qualification
(UCL Bartlett)

BA Architecture (Hons) First Class
(Liverpool University, UK)